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Presentation of the members of the Network

Algeria – Association Algérienne d'Action Sociale (AAAS)
Founded in 2002, the Algerian Welfare Association concentrates its efforts on improving the living conditions of the most vulnerable people, in particular young people and children. It also carries out solidarity programs for a wider public, particularly at the time of natural disasters (flood in 2001 in Bab el Oued, earthquake in Boumerdès in 2003…): emergency distributions, construction of a library and a technical training centre, donation of medical material...

Belgium – Secours Populaire Belgique-Wallonie
The Secours populaire Belgique-Wallonie acts on two levels. Locally, in Wallonia and Brussels, the association develops actions to make shelter, education and employment available to all. Internationally, the association work with partners with potential projects and provide them the assistance necessary to complete them.

Djibouti – Bender Djedid
Established in 1992, the association Bender Djedid fights against poverty and promote sustainable development. Its programs focus on the assistance of poor families in the form of donations and food or material support. Its action is also directed towards the strengthening of the civil society in Djibouti by managing capacity consolidation projects for NGOs and other national associations. Today, Bender Djedidwas granted Special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

Egypt – Egypt's Daughter Association (EDA)
Since the creation of EDA in 1993, five orphanages were built and the sixth one is almost finished. 315 children are catered in these shelters. The association pays constant attention to these children in order to ensure them a high-quality education until they become grown-ups, independent and completely integrated with society.

Spain – Associació Catalana per la Pau (ACP)
The Catalan Association for Peace was founded in 1990 by a group of men and women coming from different organizations and involved in the fight for peace, disarmament and transformation of the North-South relations. Thanks to solidarity, cooperation and development, it aims at creating a new model of socio-economic relations at international level to ensure proper living conditions to people all around the world.
It developed two complementary lines of action:
a. To support initiatives of local development in the South.
b. To inform, sensitize and mobilize the Spanish public opinion (conferences, training seminars, awareness campaigns…)

France – Secours Populaire Français (SPF)
Established in 1945, the SPF is an independent NGO whose resources come at 80% from private funds. It fights against poverty in France and in the world. The SPF acts both in emergency case and for development in order to support local populations on various projects: education, professional training, food safety, access to health and culture...
The SPF also encourages exchanges between children through its movement "copain du Monde".

Greece – Greek Committee for International Democratic Solidarity (EEDDA)
The Greek Committee for International Democratic Solidarity (EEDDA) is a Greek non-governmental, non-profit making, public welfare organisation, which was established in September 1981. The organisation takes action on urgent help to meet the immediate needs of developing countries, on development projects, sensitisation and education projects as well as humanitarian projects. It supports political refugees and foreign workers living in our country, it informs and mobilizes the Greek people for the problems of the fighting people in the developing countries.

Iraq – Iraqi Al-Amal Association
Founded in 1992 during the Gulf War, Iraqi Al-Amal carries out projects for the wellbeing of the Iraqi population without any distinction of origin, political or religious belief.
It aims at providing aid to relieve the suffering of the Iraqi people and establish a just and democratic society for Arabs, Kurds and other nationalities in Iraq. Iraqi Al-Amal implements activities improving the social conditions of the Iraqi population: clinics and mobile clinics, health and hygiene education, sponsorships, income generating activities, training centres...

Italy – Ricerca e Cooperazione
Ricerca e Cooperazione is an Italian non-profit NGO involved in the field of international cooperation, targeting countries in the southern hemisphere. In Europe, it promotes actions of Public Awareness and Education for Development.
RC is independent, secularly inspired, and based on values of solidarity and human dignity since its creation in 1985. The key aspects involving RC's activities are the safeguarding and appreciation of diversity at risk of disappearing, more precisely, biodiversity of indigenous cultures and cultural heritages. Furthermore, the promotion of fundamental human rights: food, instruction, health, work, freedom of movement and expression, and good governance.

Jordan – Sisterhood is global Institute (Sigi)
Sigi was founded in 1998 to spread and strengthen women's rights as human rights. It also aims at developing women's capacities, the skills of youth and at providing social and legal services to women victims of violation of their rights. Although the status of Jordanian women has improved, some of their rights are still denied. That is why the association "Sisterhood is global Institute" also acts on a political level to improve the participation of women in decision-making.

Lebanon – Development for People and Nature Association (DPNA)
Founded in 2003, DPNA works through a wide range of networks of civil society organizations (CSOs) to meet the needs of the local community on the basis of sustainable development. It aims at protecting natural and environmental resources, encouraging young people to have a civic behaviour and empower citizens with needed skills to improve their quality of life.

Lebanon – National Institution for Social Care and Vocational Training (NISCVT)
NISCVT is working within the Palestinian refugees community in Lebanon. It was established in 1976, after the Tel Al-Zaatar massacre, to provide assistance and accommodation for surviving orphaned children. Today, NISCVT provides services for all Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. Its mission is to contribute to the developmental process of the Palestinian community in Lebanon, through services addressing the needs of the families and through various gender-balanced projects empowering the potentials and skills of the children, youth and their parents or guardians.

Luxembourg – Fondation Aide Populaire d'Urgence (FAPU)
The FAPU is a European foundation registered since 1996. It funds small projects on every continent except Europe. Local communities, usually associative, create projects and seek a first contribution to launch income-generating activities or to address basic needs.
The purpose of the FAPU is to help the forgotten groups of our life time. The Foundation is mainly known through its website.

Morocco – Ikram
Ikram works on helping and creating links between various humanitarian associations in Morocco. In partnership with other actors of solidarity, it provides assistance to affected people in emergency responses and continues with the implementation of rehabilitation and development projects, in particular in the health and social fields.

Palestine – Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS)
PMRS was founded in 1979 to supplement the decayed and inadequate health infrastructure. Among the Palestinian largest NGOs, it provides curative and preventive care for populations, especially for families living in isolated regions. In addition to its emergency assistance, PMRS develops medical facilities to answer the sanitary needs of the population on a long-term basis and to overcome the failure of public health services. PMRS aims to improve the physical and mental health and wellbeing of all Palestinians, without discrimination in terms of race, political opinion, social or economic origin or religious belief.

Turkey – AKAD
The AKAD association is developing and carrying out projects to help the most vulnerable people in the fields of education, culture, health… Its action is particularly directed towards environment, in particular with a plantation project of 200 000 trees made available by public authorities.

Turkey – Centre de Solidarité
Created in 2005, this social development and professional training centre in Istanbul is aimed at the underprivileged population in Perpa district (young people from 18 to 25 years old and women). They suffer from economic and social difficulties whose origins are mainly school failure and lack of training, making restricting the access to labour market.
The centre provides short professional training in various fields: computer science, secretarial work, accounting, management, languages (French, English), tutoring...

Presentation of the partners of the Network

Finland – Finnish Psychologists for Social Responsibility (FiPSR)
Founded in 1982, its aim is to promote the universal right to mental and social well-being of all people. It works since 1984 in the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon with NISCVT on the theme of mental health. FiSPR participates in the organisation of Beirut marathon and in the commemoration of the Sabra and Shatila massacre (in September 1982).
The association is also in partnership with PMRS on a mental health project.

Great Britain – Faith Matters
Founded in 2005, this non profit organisation works to reduce extremism and interfaith and intra-faith tensions. Faith Matters has been involved in the international scene for two years. With the British Council, it carried out a project of active citizenship in Lebanon (in partnership with DPNA) and a training project of community leaders in Egypt.

Italy – Un Ponte Per
Un Ponte Per was created in 1991 to provide assistance in favour of Iraqi people who suffer from war. It intervenes in several countries of the Mediterranean region: Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. Its activities address many fields: women's rights, non-violence sensitization, access to education and health, support to refugees… Un Ponte Per works with Iraqi Al-Amal on a project providing medicine and medical supplies to Iraqi children affected by chronic diseases. It also works with NISCVT on a project offering economic support for Palestinian children who belong to family groups facing economic difficulties in the Lebanese refugee camps.

Italy – Affabulazione social and cultural center of Rome
Affabulazione is a socio-cultural centre acting in favour of children, adolescents and young adults. It promotes an open society based on the respect between cultures by organizing intercultural events. It is active in Italy but also in West Africa and in Palestine. It promotes art as a mean for personal development and civic action, to strengthen the links among different social and ethnic groups. It also fights for the rights of the underprivileged groups (immigrants, women, young people) offering free consultations and material support.

Libya – Libyan Society for Social Solidarity
The Libyan civil society is experiencing a major crisis. Before the crisis, the only NGOs existing in Libya were controlled by the Colonel Gaddafi regime. The Network and its members provide assistance to the civil society in order to create new NGOs and to enable them to play a role in Libya, but also in the world. Currently being created, the association "Libyan Society for Social Solidarity" takes an active part in the distribution of emergency aid at the borders of Libya, in coordination with other members of the Network (Egypt's Daughter Association, Secours Populaire Français, Union Tunisienne pour la Solidarité). Then its purpose is to carry out development projects in order to promote democracy.

Tunisia – Union Tunisienne pour la Solidarité
The purpose of the Tunisian Union for Solidarity is to coordinate the actions of Tunisian NGOs, in particular in the field of health. It provides support in the organisation of emergency aid at the Tunisian border after the "Arab Spring": creation of a school for Libyan refugees, food and health aid… Activities in favour of elderly people have also been implemented: creation of a mobile clinic and a day care centre, centre for people with Alzheimer's disease...

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