The Euro Mediterranean Network of Solidarity brings together associations from both sides of the Mediterranean. It was founded in 1998 on the SPF's initiative and its goal is to enable members of the Network to think together, to share their experiences on the ground, to promote cooperation between Southern partners, to develop alliances between Northern NGOs to act towards the South and to be more responsive in case of emergency situations in the Mediterranean region.

In this approach of dialogue between both sides of the Mediterranean, the Euro Mediterranean Network of Solidarity sees itself as a complement to governmental work, playing the role of goad for public institutions.

Lebanon – DPNA
Women agricultural cooperative


The Euro Mediterranean Network of Solidarity is a "de facto" network, bringing together 22 members and partners from the South and the North. It is structured with a board made up of two Southern partners and two Northern partners.
This board is coordinated by a President, elected for 3 years (renewable term of office) by the General Assembly.

During the last General Assembly in June 2011 in Istanbul, Dr Ismaïl HASSOUNEH (Secours populaire français) was re-elected as President of the Network.


The Euro Mediterranean Network of Solidarity has several goals :

Iraq – Al-Amal Association
Creation of a clinic in Arbil : 45.398 beneficiaries in 2010


The working themes of our Network are the objectives of the member associations who work to support the most vulnerable people and families :

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